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NFL has his first OUT athlete! -Michelle Obama broadcast her support for college football player Michael Sam after he announced he was gay on Sunday in the lead-up to the NFL draft. – More details inside Alphas 15

Ryan Carter: -My now husband, Dan, and I both went to the same in Port Macquarie. In some form we’ve known each other since were in primary school. –At one point, Dan was dating my best friend’s sister, so we’d often all hang out during school holidays. We were properly introduced to each other when I was 17 and he was 21, through a mutual friend.

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Jay’s tips to get what you want! -People often say to me “wow you must work so hard to stay fit and keep your life balanced!” My answer is always the same; “actually I don’t really work hard but I am consistent.” Full article inside Alphas 15.

-Putin was slammed by Elton John ahead of the games after the president said millions of people liked the Candle in the Wind singer ‘despite his orientation.’ Read more inside Alphas 15.

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